branding services in chennai

At PIX N DOTS we have designed and launched many successful brands for clients from various sectors like construction, industrial products, and in the food and beverage industry. Our work involves a lot of imagination and creative application, to plan and realize the dream and business objectives of the client. Some of our branding packages especially for a startup include the entire gamut of design, execution and also the necessary digital promotion and launch.

Besides design of the logo and all other stationary, we also design exclusive eflyers, designer websites, and do social media marketing and content marketing services. These can be both short and long term programs requiring a dedicated work team and creates a unique new brand identity for the client’s business. Feedback from the market/ customer is also a very important fact in the success of a brand. Today it is especially a challenge to make the brand visible to the right customer at the right time. This mostly happens online.

PIX N DOTS Rebranding Services involves our experienced expert team to plan how an existing old brand has to be refreshed with a new look and energy for various reasons. This has to be done with great care in conjunction with the client. The work involves preparation and a lot of market research regarding the competitors. After a thorough study of the different existing brand images, we decide on the type of changes we have to make, when rebranding at all levels.