content marketing services in chennai

What is content marketing? Well by definition it is a type of strategic marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online content that does not openly promote a brand but stimulates interest in its related products or services. Thus a content strategy involves planning of content, followed by content creation, content delivery and content governance and management. It helps us create specific marketing goals and work to be done. PIX N DOTS offers highly effective and professional content marketing services to clients who wish to enhance their brand and gain market share.

PIX N DOTS CONTENT MARKETING Services can involves some or all of the below mentioned activities.

  • ► Multimedia Creation
  • ► Blogging
  • ► Articles Submission
  • ► E book publishing
  • ► Podcasting
  • ► Email
  • ► Brochures/Flyers
  • ► White papers
  • ► Infographics
  • ► Social Media posts
  • ► Email
  • ► E books

Other related activities are SEO (search engine optimization) that assures the visibility of your website and brand during search and can increase the traffic to your website or online/ offline store.

Content that goes into your website also has to be optimized based on your brand keywords/logo etc. Some of the More recent and popular methods of content marketing involve conducting on line webinars. Content marketing clubbed with influencer marketing is known to have given a sudden boost to many successful brands. One has to be clear as to what is your audience or niche before embarking on a content based strategy so that all efforts are fruitful and does not go waste.

Content marketing is an economical method of marketing compared to paid advertisements and promotion. Expansion of customer base and attracting new customers is the successful outcome of a well executed content marketing campaign. We have many clients and brands who have successfully enlarged their customer base using these methods. Feel free to contact PIX N DOTS and discuss with our experts for all your online content based promotional needs.