best graphic design agency chennai

Graphic Designing is today a very “in demand” skill. PIX N DOTS graphic designers are creators of highly original and innovative graphics used mainly in the advertising and digital marketing space. Our professional graphic designers make graphics and visual concepts using either just their hands or mostly these days using many types of computer software. The different variety of PIX N DOTS graphic design services include Logo design, product packaging design, web designing, online publication designing, animation, motion graphics, and other illustrations etc.

We specialize in designing different layouts for brochures, articles, magazines, newspapers, posters, flyers etc. Besides creating highly aesthetically pleasing design it has become necessary that the design and the text be well balanced. Graphics designing for web pages and mobile pages involves UX design knowledge, along with UI design, and more importantly the plan of navigation, within a website or an app. PIX N DOTS has been a designer’s paradise, and we proudly appreciate our creative team that can offer unique and creative services, and always complete design projects within the allotted time.

At PIX N DOTS we realize that the designers must have the knowledge of the printing process. Hence we use a variety of different software like Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop and formats that makes it easy during the printing process, as the clients requirements vary, be it a brochure, a label or a magazine. At our premises we often discuss design and have brainstorming sessions to let out creativity into our work. During Logo creation most often we find that a simple clean icon is the better choice than designing a very complicated Logo since that is what will be remembered by a customer.