Media Advertising Services

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Media is a means of communication. And advertisement is a communication with a definite purpose. PIX N DOTS Media Advertisement Services are quite sought out by clients based in Chennai and many other Indian cities. Broadly speaking advertisements are of two types. First the Institution itself has a need to be advertised as a brand, and get an exposure in society. This type of advertisement of an institution could be for the purpose of trading/ nontrading or for providing some service. It could also be a manufacturing company or even a charitable trust NGO etc. The other type of advertisement that is more popular is for products or services. PIX N DOTS offers Media Ads Services for the following,

► Publications/ Newspaper/Magazines
► Video Advertisement
► Messaging Advertisement
► Content Marketing
► Television advertisement
► Online advertisement
► Mobile app based advertisement
► Event ads Exhibitions/Fairs
► Directories/Journal advertisement
► Digital Games ads
► Online Communities advertisement
► DM (Direct Mail) Ads
► Outdoor Advertisement/ Billboard, Hoarding…
► Radio/Podcast Advertisements

PIX N DOTS has had a close and long partnership with media house associates who always approach us for design related services. Our digital marketing and online digital marketing clients always consider offline advertisement in publications, at exhibitions, conferences and events. While the pandemic and lockdown had given a boost to online media advertisement, outdoor advertisement on billboards and hoardings on highways etc are now back into prominence.