Mobile App Development Services

mobile app development in chennai

Do you have any unique mobile app ideas? We can develop it for you with the help of our team. Everything is going mobile during these times. The number of mobile app usage is growing at a rapid phase, and we can expect this to continue. So call us and realize your dream mobile app idea with us! The main characteristic required for a good mobile app is that it should be secure. It should also be scalable, and reliable.

PIX N DOTS Mobile App Development Services are offered to all types of business ( B2B / B2C), institutions, and corporates within India. It is a method by which a software application is developed for mobile devices like mobile phones, smart-watches, tablets, Personal Digital Assistants, etc. It is more important to have an application that has good functionality along with a decent design. Mobile apps have successfully solved many business problems in different sectors. These range from Android apps to MS Windows and iOS apps. We offer customized Android apps with timely completion and support. The various process stages in Mobile App development are,

► Meetings and discussion
► Determine Tools and Technology
► Prototype development (Wireframing)
► User Interface designing
► Coding
► Testing stage
► Commissioning
► Release to App store
► Post-delivery Support / Maintenance

Basic mobile apps categories today are these three, native apps, hybrid apps, and web apps. There are cross-platform apps that can work on different platforms. Currently, we offer native apps development for Android and iOS. Some of the commonly used Mobile App development tools used for different app requirements may include,

► Android Studio
► Ionic
► Sencha Touch
► React Native
► Flutter
► Xamarin
► Phone Gap
► Xcode

Designing the User Interface is a very important part of the mobile app development process. This requires good research of the end-user habit and the various types of UI screen sizes also have to be considered. The interface should be easy and user-friendly. Access to enterprise systems is supported by mobile back-ends. This mobile backend supports security, authentication, routing of data, services, etc.

We can deliver your app prototype with less turnaround time. Our mobile app developing team has designers, software developers, and coding specialists with years of experience and creative advantage. Since we are also in the brand building business we assure the holistic approach in developing your interactive mobile app and brand. Give us a call and speak to our experts.