best social meadia marketing agency chennai

Social Media Marketing is about using the social media platforms and websites to promote a product or a service. Whenever advertisement campaigns are put in the different social media platforms (Facebook Twitter Etc), we do use the relevant analytics tools and can actually show our clients how they are progressing in real time.

Even large companies are very socially engaged these days out of necessity and greatly benefit from social media marketing in many different ways.

  • ► Manage existing customer
  • ► Manage potential customer
  • ► Target Niche markets
  • ► Manage Media / journalists
  • ► Do direct Marketing
  • ► Do Influencer Marketing
  • ► Establish company Culture
  • ► Marketing management
  • ► Engage with end users/ customers

Mobile phones are now an important part of SMM. It has greatly enhanced the Customers ability to look at product details and pricing etc before purchase decision is taken. And all this happens in real time. Thus it is about customer participation and enhancing the reputation of any brand. At PIX N DOTS we can run a social media platform campaigns for all types of goods and services.