best web design company tamilnadu

PIX N DOTS Website Design Services are offered to startups or to clients who want to revamp their existing website to make it more user friendly and effective. Over the years we have made websites for a wide range of categories, including media, corporate houses, hospitals, ecommerce websites, and many construction and interiors related websites.

We have different teams of designers and web developers who are at ease with all the latest technologies and use a combination of sound, video, images, and text forms to develop the different web pages in a website. We also have the option of using pre designed templates and WordPress sites. This choice will depend on different factors and the client’s requirements and budget etc. Some of the basic subtle features we discuss and make clear during the pre planning phase at PIX N DOTS website design services are given below.

  • ► Affordability/ level of work required
  • ► Mobile friendliness
  • ► User friendly/ UX user experience
  • ► Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • ► Quick Loading website
  • ► Website Hosting
  • ► Google Analytics tracking
  • ► Website Security
  • ► XML sitemap
  • ► Multiple page template
  • ► Wordpress website
  • ► Custom website coding
  • ► Domain name
  • ► Plug-in requirement
  • ► Extensions
  • ► Lead driven Blog inclusion
  • ► Lead Form creation

At PIX N DOTS we believe that designing a website is an art first, and then science. It is a known fact that these days, a website can have a life of about 5 years maximum and after that major change will have to be made as the technology and times are changing at a rapid pace.